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Since 1926
, this Association has dedicated itself to the betterment of all teachers who have retired from the Chicago Public Schools.

of Chicago
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Patricia B. Kubistal,

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Legis Visits
Read a Poem Dedicated to Teachers
by Mort Elenbogen

Did you Take a LEAP for your pensions?  See this!

Photos of the Fall Luncheon are here.

Court: The Pension Reform laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Read it HERE!
Court: State CANNOT cut subsidies for retirees' health care.  Read it HERE!

Remember, RTAC is YOUR independent voice for pension protection and enhancement.  We are NOT part of the Chicago Public Schools nor the Chicago Teachers Union.   We work with but are NOT a part of the Chicago Teacher's Pension Fund.
Read about and contribute to our 'Legal Defense Fund' here.
Please go to our Guestbook and leave your comments and suggestions.
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RTAC Actions
See a history of RTAC's actions and involvement for the benefit of ALL retirees here.

Legislation That Needs Your Support if You Receive Social Security
Federal GPO-WEP Social Security Fairness legislation - Remove the Social Security Offset!  Details here.

Read an analysis of the affordable care act (alias 'Obama Care') and how it affects your healthcare insurance cost here.
by RTAC President Patricia B. Kubistal

Know a Fellow Retiree in Financial Difficulties?
Check the Aid Fund website - crtaf.org.

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Humorous (but true??) Cartoons are here.
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Useful household products are here.
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Defined Benefits vs. Defined Contributions
Currently we have a defined benefit retirement plan where we are guaranteed our benefits for life.  If some legislators get their way, new employees will work under a defined contributions retirement plan where the benefits are based entirely on how much was contributed.
Read an analysis of Public Pensions by the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability -- here.
If you would like to see how much you would have needed to contribute to a retirement fund to enjoy your current pension, click here and enter some data.  Be aware that the projected total you have in your account when you retire must last for life - i.e. if your retirement account has $1,000,000 in it when you retire and you expect to live another 20 years, you can only withdraw $50,000 per year and the balance will continue to decrease until your account is completely depleted and you have nothing left to live on.  

Looking for something to do?
Check out our EVENTS page.
The EVENTS page lists events of interest to all CPS teachers, active as well as retired.

The Events page contains direct links to over 100 area entertainment venues!
You might also like to check our VOLUNTEER, JOBS and OTHER OPPORTUNITIES pages.

PLEASE join our RTAC-ALERT Network.  Members get the FASTEST UPDATES on pending legislation, often on the same day that events occur.  Just click on RTAC-ALERT Network and give your name, e-mail address and zip code (this is to verify your RTAC membership). THE ONLY OBLIGATION IS YOUR PROMISE TO MAKE CONTACT WITH LEGISLATORS, if requested, on behalf of retired Chicago Public School teachers. The Alert Network's fast and massive responses have already earned the respect of legislators throughout the state, and constitute our first line of defense. Join NOW! Your help is urgently needed!
Remember too that EVERY contribution to RTAC COPE will help gain our objectives! Like it or not, MONEY TALKS – and, unfortunately, so does the absence of it!

For information and updates from the Chicago Teacher's Pension Fund, click here. (Updated 1/15/2016)
For general information and an overall view of the Retired Teachers Association of Chicago click here.

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News, Opinions, Resources, Archives & Forms
Legislation and Advocacy
Workshops, Events, Activities and Opportunities

News Bulletins Go Green

The latest News Bulletin is available through this link as are many of the past News Bulletins.
Updated 9/30/16

The Archives of past legislation, stories and posts are here.
Legislation Update & Pending Bills
RTAC supported legislation

Find your legislators
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The 2017 legislative calendar is here.
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Workshops & Seminars
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Scheduled Board & Committee Meetings
(All are open to the public but space is limited.)
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Events & Activities
Attend an exciting play directed by RTAC Board member George Drelios  (details here)
Reserve Monday, May 22, 2017 for our 91st annual spring Luncheon (details here)

Updated 3/1/17
Opinions and Editorials supporting RTAC's position on Pension matters are here.
Become a 'Pension Fund Ambassador' (here) and print letters to your legislators about the economic impact of your pension (here).
RTAC Satellite Activities
Updated 1/19/17
The CTPF website is here, recent CTPF actions and information is here and the CTU website is here.

Alert Network
For more information about the Alert Network, click here or join the E-mail Alert Network
Find Your State and Federal Legislators here
Illinois Senate by district
Illinois Senate by name
Illinois House by district
Illinois House by name

Updated 1/6/17
Photos of visits to legislators
Updated 3/4/17
Help Wanted
Part time and full time jobs for retired teachers and opportunities to volunteer.

Updated 3/26/17

Other Opportunities
Shedd Aquarium volunteers needed
Aquinas Center seeks tutors
Updated 3/26/17
Fraud Alert/Identity Theft
Updated 5/13/14

Updated 2/16/17
How to Write Your Legislator
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Sample Letters
(and the addresses of media outlets)
Updated 6/12/15
A list of businesses and services that provide Senior discounts.
Updated 6/1/15
RTAC forms
Legal Defense Donations
Nomination for the Armstrong Award
Updated 3.24/17
See Photos of RTAC members meeting with their legislators and at other activities.
Read a summary of the presentations at the AARP:NRTA conference in Washington D.C.
Updated 3/4/17

Alumni Reunions
J. Sterling Morton West High School - Class of 1967 - 50th Reunion
October 13-15, 2017
Updated 3/5/17
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