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April 17, 2022
The Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF) website is here.

See the Economic Impact of your Pension here.
The schedule of Health Insurance Seminars is listed here.
Click here to see a list of delinquent Charter Schools.
If you decide to return to work within the Chicago Public School system, there are VERY STRICT limits as to how many days you may work. Going over by as little as ONE DAY can jeopardize YOUR ENTIRE PENSION.
It is YOUR responsibility to keep accurate track of the time/days you work for CPS!
For more information see this CTPF website page.


Contact information for the CTPF Executive Director, Officers and Trustees can be found here.
Information on the 2018 Medicare Premium & Subsidy is here.
Read about and join the Pension Fund Ambassadors Program
Send a letter to your Illinois Representative or Senator listing the economic impact of CTPF members .  Details here.

Read an analysis of the affordable care act (alias 'Obama Care') and how it affects your healthcare insurance cost
here by
RTAC Director Patricia B. Kubistal

the speech given by Mary Cavallaro, Senior Director of Benefits for CTPF
at the Spring 2014 Annual Luncheon on May 16, 2014 here.

Send an urgent letter to your legislators imploring them to NOT give CPS another pension holiday here.

Visit the new CTPF Legislative Action Center

View the PowerPoint presentation explaining the Pension Overpayment Settlement here and read the history of how RTAC intervened to protect your pensions here.
  • Read "Blame 'Pension Ramp' for state's liability" By Ralph Martire and the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability here.
  • Read the analysis of the economic impact that CTPF pensions make on each legislative district here.
  • Read the Governor's October Newsletter 'explaining' the pension problem here.
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