---->E-Mail Your Legislators Today
Please take a minute to send a message to your Illinois legislators to help educate them about the Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund (CTPF).

The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) must pay CTPF $196 million in 2013 and more than $600 million in 2014. They have already told CTPF that they will have "difficulty" paying the 2014 bill.

CTPF cannot afford another pension "holiday" or budget "relief" for CPS. CTPF has already lost out on $3.2 BILLION in funding since 1995.

Please make sure your legislator understands that CPS must pay its pension bills and fulfill its promises.

Go to CTPF's Legislative Action Center (LAC) where you can send e-mail or make a call. Click on the "E-Mail Your Legislators NOW" link to get started.

At the LAC you can look up your legislator's information and send a standard e-mail, edit the standard version with your own thoughts and information, or send your own letter.

CTPF also has a "call alert" set up at the action center. After you send your e-mail, click to call and either leave a message or speak to your elected representatives to reinforce the message.

Right now! Start today and return each Friday from now until the 98th Legislative Session adjourns. Please help CTPF share the message that CPS must pay its bills.

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