How to Obtain an Individualized Economic Impact Letter for your Illinois Legislators
(See a sample letter-click here.)

Go to the bottom of the CTPF Legislative Action Center page and enter either your address including zip code or just enter your ten digit zip code and the program will tell you the name of your state representative and state senator.   After you have their name(s), go back to the Legislative Action Center page and scroll down to "Pensions Matter - Economic Impact by Legislators" then click on either the Senatorial letter or the Representative letter.  Finally, click on your legislator(s).  This will produce a one page "Pension Fundamentals" that is addressed to your particular representative or senator.  It includes the number of active CTPF members and the number of retirees in his/her district.  It also lists the economic impact on that particular district.   You should print these and either bring them to the representative or senator or mail them with a personal noteBoth their local and Springfield office addresses and phone numbers are listed on the printout.

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