2021 Spring Seminar Summaries

Spring 2021
Covid-19 and Your Estate
Wednesday, April 21, 2021
The pandemic has underscored the need for estate planning. Blyth and Associatesí attorneys will explain how to set forth your wishes for the future. They will discuss Financial and Medical Power of Attorney documents as well as Advanced Medical Directives, asset distribution, how and who will provide support when you need it, implications of the SECURE Act, etc.
For more information, contact Bill Blyth
Avoiding Senior Scams
Tuesday, May 4, 2021
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission reports that senior scams reached record levels in 2020. Protecting yourself and your assets from scammers is vitally important. Steve Stall of Euclid Managers will share how to identify these illicit activities and the techniques by which we can protect ourselves from these scammers who have already defrauded so many.
For more information, contact Steve Stall
Long Term Care Update
Wednesday, MAY 26, 2021a
It is important to consider how one will maintain a positive quality of life as one ages. Janice Axelrod, a licensed LTC agent, will be presenting a complimentary seminar to RTAC members with the most current information available about a variety of LTC programs.
For more information, contact Janice Axelrod

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