2020 Fall Seminar Summaries
RoyComputer Security Logo
Wednesday, September 16. 2020

Roy Coleman covered topics which included how secure is your password, how to spot a scam or phishing e-mail and a comparison of the various browsers and e-mail clients.
The full pdf presentation is available here.

MetlifeMaximizing Your Metlife Dental Benefits Metlife
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Steve Stall and Christine Gerli from Euclid Managers explained the benefits provided by each of the levels of protection and compared the advantages of each plan. 
The full pdf presentation is available here.

BlythStrategies for Preparing Your 2020 Tax ReturnsBlyth
Wednesday October 14, 2020

Bill Blyth and Associates covered a range of topics from tax rates to the Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA to various ways of reducing your tax burden.
The handouts are available in pdf format here.

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