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Since 1926, the Retired Teachers Association of Chicago has dedicated itself to the betterment of all teachers who have retired from the Chicago Public Schools.  See the history of RTAC here.

About 40% of the 25,000 people eligible for RTAC membership are currently members.  Why do they belong?

What Good Is RTAC?

Here are some of the things the Retired Teachers Association of Chicago does for you:

RTAC’s News Bulletin, issued periodically, publishes:

RTAC maintains an Internet web site, www.RTAC.org, which carries:

And you get ALL OF THIS for about 14¢ per day!

The larger the organization, the more powerful is its voice.  If you are not a member, join RTAC now and make us even more effective!
RTAC is easy to join, just send in this membership form and your dues.


For fast-moving events and the latest information, keep your eye on this site.

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