L.E.A.P. Day 2016
Legislative Education and Advocacy by Pensioners

What is L.E.A.P Day?
L.E.A.P. day, namely February 29, 2016, is a special day on which we would like you, your friends, relatives and anyone else you know in Illinois to contact legislative representatives in their local offices and 'Educate' them about the importance of our pensions.  Contact can be in person (the best way), by letter, by phone or any other means you deem effective.  Even though we employ Legislative Advocates, they are only 2 or 3 voices while we are the voices of thousands of individuals, each with a personal story of the importance of our pensions.

Don't know who your Illinois legislators are or where their local offices are located?  Go
HERE and enter your 9 digit zip code, then click 'Find Address' and, after your address is found, click 'Confirm Address'.   Most of your local and national legislators will be displayed.

Because the legislature is in session starting in early January and there is the possibility
that harmful legislation could be introduced before our L.E.A.P. day, we may ask for your help at any time.  Please note that our legislative advocates will be constantly on the alert from the first day of the legislative session for any signs of legislation that may impair or reduce our benefits.  If harmful legislation is introduced, your help would be ABSOLUTELY VITAL as your voices are MANY and our advocates are few.

Please consider joining our RTAC Member's Alert e-mail.  E-mail your name and 9 digit zip code to RTACalert@gmail.com

Legislative Education and Advocacy by Pensioners

Photos of Legislator Visits are here.

What we would like ALL RTAC members to do on L.E.A.P. day:
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Information to take to your legislators (even if it is not on L.E.A.P. day):
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