US Post Office Delivery Warning

If you are receiving or expect to receive any important medications (such as from Express Scripts) or packages through the United States Postal Service, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

For a 2 week period at the end of June one of our members received just two mail deliveries.  Then in July he was waiting for important medications due to be delivered on the 8th and a second set of prescriptions due on the 13th.  Tracking information indicated that the first package was “Rendered to delivery service provider” (i.e. the local post office) on July 7th while the second was “Rendered to delivery service provider” on July 10th.  Neither of which have yet to arrive at the member’s house as of July 16th.

He contacted CBS2Chicago Investigators and they came out and interviewed him (see the CBS 2 initial report here) and did a follow-up which found many of Chicago’s zip codes had the same problem.  Further investigation found a large semi trailer full to the top with undelivered packages at the local post office station.

The new Postmaster General has ordered mail carriers to just stop delivering 1st class flat mail when they hit the 8-hour mark and take any undelivered mail
back to the post office to add to the next day's workload. If you're at the end of the carrier's route, you might just not get mail for a few days. If you have something to be picked up by the carrier, well, it's just going to sit there till the workload is light enough that your house gets mail service.  Read the article published in the New York Post on July 17 here.

CTPF STRONGLY encourages members to order medications from Express Scripts early and to use direct deposit for your monthly pension payments.  If you are still receiving paper checks through the US Mail you can change to direct deposit by faxing or e-mailing form 425 to the pension fund's office.

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