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Action Alert  - New legislation (H.R.-82) introduced to repeal GPO/WEP

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It’s Time to push WEP & GPO Repeal!


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Why the Government Pension Offset is WRONG!
This is a reference page for you to use when documenting the negative effects of the Government Pension Offset. 


Where do the Presidential candidates stand on GPO/WEP

H.R. 3934 was introduced on July 28, 2019 to 'fix' WEP. 
H.R.141 and S.521 are gaining momentum. 
New legislation has been introduced to repeal the GPO and WEP! 


Demand a vote! 

Is Social Security too broke for Repeal?

2017 Update

We are in the Crosshairs—Again!

On October 3, first term Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy spoke on the floor of the Senate about why they need to get rid of the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision. 
See a glimmer of hope from the right. 

See an Action Alert for a description of and the reasoning behind the two programs that reduce the amount of Social Security we can receive.

The fight to repeal the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) has been long and frustrating, but there are still reasons for hope.  WEP is federal legislation signed in 1983 that limits or eliminates social security monthly payouts for those people in state or local pension systems that did not contribute to social security even if they received credits in other jobs.

  1. Even though in the past we have had less support from Republicans than from Democrats, there are members of Congress from both sides of the aisle who realize that the offset and provision are either poorly written or just plain wrong.
  2. In late February, H.R. 1205, the new House bill to fully repeal both the GPO and the WEP was introduced by Rodney Davis of Illinois, and it already has 89 co-sponsors.
  3. Republicans often see the WEP as poorly written and making no sense from a financial point of view. In addition, many of them find it problematic that the offset and provision were imposed on us with no warning. (A 2005 law required that NEW employees of non-Social Security-covered positions must be inform about GPO and WEP).
  4. It is likely that there will be some major changes to Social Security, either in this present 115th Congress (2017-2018) or the next one. Therefore, we need to continue pressuring Congress.
Immediate action is needed: Find out if your member of Congress has signed onto H.R. 1205, the Social Security Fairness Act of 2017. The list, linked here, can be sorted by state.

You can find your Representative on this list.  Save his or her number on your phone or save the comment page. Thank your representative if his or her name is on the co-sponsors list. If your representative is not yet a co-sponsor, explain how the GPO and WEP has unfairly punished you for working as a public servant. (Congressional Representatives are also working as a public servants!)

2015 Update
There are very few Senators who have signed onto the new Senate GPO/WEP repeal bill, proposed by Sherrod Brown, (S. 915). Right now it is just: Collins, Murkowski, Baldwin, Heller, McCaskill, King, and Murphy.   You can always check on signers in both the House and Senate by using the link on our home page.

Last year we had a Senate bill (S 1651) introduced by Senator Brown from Ohio with 18 cosponsors, in addition, a companion bill, House Bill HR 973, was introduced by Representative Davis of Illinois with 122 cosponsors.  AS AN ALTERNATE, Representative Brady from Texas introduced HR 711 and had 43 cosponsors.  This bill would have provided a tax credit for the Social Security that we should have received.

A couple of things to think about:

The current members of the House of Representatives are the most junior group that has been on the Hill for a great many years. A very large number of them have only been in Washington for 1-3 terms. They may not know about the Offsets. They need to hear from us!

Many employee groups have not made their voices heard despite the fact that they will be affected by the offsets. We need to get them involved!

Don't forget to also send hand-written notes to your legislators and their aides. Sometimes they make more impact. Phone calls asking for the Representative's position are helpful. (If they tell you what their position is, for or against our bills, please let us know so we can keep track.)

Thank you for being firm and persistent!

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