CTPF Phishing scam

A business not affiliated with or endorsed by CTPF is soliciting appointments with CTPF members

Please be advised that members have reported receiving unsolicited communications via email with an offer for a complimentary review of a CTPF pension from a financial advisor. This business is not affiliated with or endorsed by CTPF, and the communication appears to be a sales solicitation.

CTPF offers retirement counseling for members, and will do so upon your request. CTPF does not send solicitations to members. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a CTPF Member Services counselor call 312.641.4464 or email memberservices@ctpf.org.  

Be wary of unsolicited email offers, even from people you know. Scammers can “spoof” an email address, making it look like the message came from an individual or a business you trust. If an email or attachment seems suspicious, don’t open it, even if your antivirus software indicates that the message is clean. Attackers are constantly releasing new viruses, and the antivirus software might not have the signature yet.

If you receive an email and are unsure if it is from CTPF, please do not forward it. Call Member Services at 312.641.4464 to verify the communication. 

You may report scams or a suspicious email to the Federal Trade Commission.

 An easy and quick way to spot a potentially suspicious link is to point to it with your cursor BUT DO NOT CLICK ON IT.  Then look at the bottom of your browser to see where the link really goes.  If it doesn’t EXACTLY match be very suspicious.

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