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Read a full report on and history of the Illinois' Public Pensions from the Illinois Public Employee Relations Report here (a large file).

Read Back issues of our News Bulletin here.

Look at legislation introduced and/or acted on prior to the current session here.

When is a 'Loan' not a loan? (Maybe when CPS asks for one?)  Read this.
HB3695 Passed House 102-9
HB3695 Passed House 102-9 but was bottled up in the Senate.  See Vote here.

Look at
legislation introduced and/or acted on prior to the current session here.

Read a very good summary of the effects of past 'Pension Holidays' and what must be learned from the past mistakes here.

Read the proposed Constitutional Amendment HERE RTAC's comments HERE and letters of explanation HERENOTE: The Amendment FAILED to pass in the November election!

Looking for a little balance in the pension wars, try here.

Read what the New York Times had to say about Illinois financial condition here.

Listen to CTPF Executive Director Kevin Huber's remarks from the Fall 2012 Luncheon here.
(NOTE: This is an audio ONLY file so turn up your volume.)

Read Governor Quinn's pension reform proposal here.

Read a transcript of Illinois Senate Leader Culleton's remarks from our Fall 2011 Luncheon here.

defeat for anyone hired after January 1, 2011- Bill 1946 changes the defined benefit pension plan to a defined contribution pension plan, does not pay a pension until a retiree reaches the age of 67 and averages the last EIGHT years of service to determine the amount of the pension.  (See the House vote here and the Senate vote here.)

On July 19, 2009, WBBM (780) radio interviewed Senate President Cullerton on their 'At Issue' program.  At one point, when talking about sources of revenue, he pointed out that Illinois is one of the few states that does not tax retirement income.

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