How to reduce the chances of being attacked by Ransomware.

NOTE: This solution will NOT work if your computer is already encrypted.

Ransomware is an invasive program that holds your computer hostage by encrypting your files until you pay a ransom.   It can erase your files or even destroy you computer.   It can easily be passed on to your friends and anyone else you e-mail or share files with.

If your computer is still using Microsoft's XP, Vista or 8, you REALLY NEED TO DO THE FOLLOWING:
(If you are uncomfortable messing around with your computer's operating system, ask a teenage friend to help!)

Go to the following website (it may take several tries as it is VERY 'popular' due to the hacking attacks):
and enter KB4012598 in the search box. This should bring up a list of operating systems.

Here are some generic instructions - your particular  set of steps depends on how your system and browser are set up.
  1. Choose the 'DOWNLOAD' option for whichever system you are using (it should be one of the first three listed).
  2. You should then get a dialog box with a ridiculously long file name.  Click that file name.
  3. Depending on your browser's settings you may be asked to 'Save' or 'Run'.  If you have a choice, choose 'Run', otherwise do a 'Save'.
  4. If you saved the file, find it and click on it to run it.  If you did a 'Run' go to step 5.
  5. After starting the program, a dialog box will open asking you to agree - you should agree.
  6. Another box will open and indicate the steps that are being taken to install the patch.  You are done when this box either closes or says 'Done'.

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