2022 Spring Seminar Summaries

Spring 2022
Wednesday, APRIL 13
Bill Blyth and Associates
Bill Blyth and Associates will be presenting a seminar on how to prepare for the various

phases of one’s life related to health care decision-making, distribution of one’s assets before
and after one’s life concludes, how to have the various elements in place related to one’s
end-of-life stages, including but not limited to Powers of Attorney for Health and Property
as well as Advanced Directives for Health Care while you are alive. This seminar which will
be presented by Allison Forker and Carla Nitz will show you how to be informed so you can
maintain control of your assets and have confidence that your wishes will be fulfilled as you
have indicated.
Wednesday, APRIL 27
Terrence Kennedy and Associates

Marie Mactal, a Real Estate tax attorney at Terrence Kennedy and Associates, will provide
RTAC members with a seminar on how to navigate one’s Cook County, Illinois real
estate property assessments and taxes. As homeowners, we generally dread opening the
correspondence from our County Assessor’s Office which bears the news of real estate
property values and the annual taxes due on our homes. Ms. Mactal will provide information
about how a property owner can effectively navigate the processes needed to ensure that one
is being appropriately assessed for one’s real estate property. This applies to those who live in
single-family homes as well as multiple housing dwellings.

Wednesday, MAY 11
As retired Chicago public school educators, RTAC members have access to various health
insurance options. CTPF continues to provide us with a variety of insurance plans to address
our health needs once we retire from the Chicago public schools. However, one still needs to
address and secure insurance for the property in which we reside locally as well as elsewhere
and in which we move about in our automobiles. There is a wide range of options from
which we can choose. However, it is best to select an insurance agent who can help one to
navigate and choose what is best for us as individuals.
Scott Broderick, of his eponymous firm, will be making a presentation on how one can
appropriately review and select home, auto, and liability insurance options that are available
through a variety of insurance carriers. Mr. Broderick will provide RTAC members with
useful information regarding how to insure one’s home, automobile, ancillary property
and collections as well as securing an umbrella policy that provides liability coverage. Since
accidents, weather related losses, and other events can impact one’s tranquility in retirement,
it is best to investigate one’s options before a loss occurs. Mr. Broderick will provide guidance
on how to prepare for and address losses when they occur. His office is located on the far
south side of Chicago and he welcomes inquiries from RTAC members seeking his expertise.

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