Illinois Representative Robert Martwick speaking to the RTAC Board of Directoors on March 1, 2017

Illinois Representative Robert Martwick, chairperson of the Illinois House of Representatives' Committee on Personnel and Pensions, addressed the Wednesday, March 1, 2017 RTAC Board meeting. He explained how a legislator becomes a committee chairperson, the prerogatives of the committee chairperson, and how proposed legislation progresses forward from a committee to consideration by the House of Representatives and/or the Illinois Senate. Representative Martwick also explained his proposed legislation to convert the Chicago Board of Education from an appointed to an elected school board.  If enacted, the elected Chicago Board of Education would consist of 20 members representing 20 distinct areas of the city. Each representative would be elected by the eligible voters in his/her district. There would be one President who would be elected citywide by all of Chicago's eligible voters.